Projects being planned and built today are readying us for tomorrow’s challenges.

It’s no secret that a backlog of needed improvements and dearth of funding has left us with some infrastructure challenges – congested roadways, overflowing sewers, transit systems that break down. But that’s only half of the story.

By choosing to invest, communities across the country are seizing the opportunity to build infrastructure in innovative ways and modernize – taking advantage of lower prices, new project delivery methods, and innovative engineering and technology to transform their public spaces and position themselves ahead of the pack for economic growth.

We have surveyed engineers and public officials across the country to identify key game changers across the major infrastructure sectors – how we deliver drinking water, treat wastewater, build roads and bridges, design transit systems, generate and distribute energy, and move goods to market.

We’re at a critical moment in deciding how, and if, we will further invest in our infrastructure. Imagine what more we can do if we seize the opportunity to replicate these engineering innovations.

Share Your #GameChangers

Do you know of an innovative project or new way that infrastructure is being planned, built or funded? Be a part of identifying the next #GameChangers that will shape the future. There’s more out there so let us know what you’ve seen that’s changing the infrastructure game.

Submit your idea and links with more information here in this form. ASCE will be reviewing every submission to add to this growing list of #GameChangers. If you have an idea and want to share a PDF attachment on the #GameChanger, email it to reportcard@asce.org.

Thank You

The American Society of Civil Engineers would like to thank the many organizations and agencies that supplied information and data for this report. #GameChangers is a compilation of the best and brightest innovations changing the infrastructure sector.

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